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My Easter nails 💅🐰🐣🌷 #nails #nailers #nailchaos #nailz #nofilter  #naillove #nailaddict #lovelovelove #happynails #easternails #nailporn #beginernails #nailart #naturalnails #lotsofhashtags
#tbt with the best dog ever 🐶👼💕 #throwbackthursday #nofilter #mybestfriend
Said yes to my perfect prom dress 💃🎀💎💜 #prom2k14
I had the best dog ever. Well she was more of a cat than a dog, or she thought she was. And she always wanted to be held because she thought she was the size of one. Tink was the cooest dog ever, she could jump rope, jump through hoops, mug little kids that were holding their snacks to low 😂, catch just about anything in her mouth, shake your hand, prance like a little deer in the snow, do just about anything for a treat, and no matter how bad she wanted the tennis ball she still gave it back if you asked. I’ll never forget the way it looked like she was smiling if you spent the whole day with her. And how excited she was her first winter, or anytime she got to ride in the car, or the times when we took her to the metro parks, or anytime someone even opened the fridge. 😂 And how she could always tell if i didn’t like someone. She always knew when something was wrong and never left me alone until I felt better. She always listened and in a way that just felt like she understood, she was the only one I would talk to about absolutely everything. She was everything I ever wanted in a dog. I know she just wanted to come over for a visit, I just wish she would’ve made it. At least she didn’t have to be afraid of the storm last night. I bet she’s up there in doggy heaven eating all the cookies she wants. 🍪 And I’m glad I never had to watch her suffer. I’ll never forget my forever puppy Tinkerbell. At least I got to take a ton of pictures on our last birthday. I’ll love you forever Spiffy. 👼🐶🎀💜💋 #RestInPeace #rip #bestdogever #nofilter #imissyou
So my birthday yesterday was pretty great 😍 #lovelovelove
Bubs brought me panera today. He’s a dime 🙌🍵🍴🍞😋💕 #nofilter #nomnom #panera
Much needed. #bubblebath #perfect
😋 #dippindots #nomnom (at Kalahari Indoor Waterpark)
Kalahari with Jakey 👙💦💑 #springbreak2k14  (at Kalahari Indoor Waterpark)
Jakey surprised me with some beautiful purple roses this morning 🙊 love him 💜🌹☺ #nofilter #lovelovelove #purpleroses
Spring Break 2k14 😂❄🌊  (at Lake Erie)
I just really miss this. ✨
Yesterday with these lovely ladies 🐸 #lovelovelove #nofilter #sweetfrog (at Sweet Frog Brunswick)
Green tea 😋 #starbucks #nofilter (at Starbucks)
Happy birthday to my big seestor 😘 love you Diana, I hope you have a wonderful day 👸✨💕 #sibpic #lovelovelove #tbt