My name is Rachel. This is my personal tumblr. My other tumblr is ♥ Most of these pictures are mine.I write long emotional bullshit when I'm upset. Message me loves. Be strong & hakuna matata.
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I made a rant blog (:

For anyone who loves to rant, I made a new blog that’s just for ranting or even just getting things off your chest. You can find it at the bottom of my option scroll or just go to the url :) okay well bye, love you all!

3 days ago

breannbutts: Look, I know I'm a complete stranger and all but I just saw one of your depression posts, I want to tell you that your not alone, and I will always be here if you need to vent, I'm listening, all you have to do is hit up my ask, and I will be here for you, okay?:)

thank you. I don’t know when you sent me this, but I just want to thank you for caring.

5 days ago

these were simple, but I thought they turned out kinda cool..this was a remake from @badgirlnails 💅 please excuse my stubby little natural nails, tell me what you think 😊 advice & tips are always welcome 💜 (at nailz fo dayz 😛)
#tbt because I miss my best friend every single day.
Life’s better by the lake 🌊⛵️ (at Skippers Marina and Resort)
little Tony’s 14th birthday 💗 (at zee lake 💙)
#tbt lacrosse 💙 (at 💙💎👟💦😎)
my personal meow meow 💜 (at meowville 🐱)
bc I love these gals 👭 (at gal pals 💗)
my dad’s the bomb 👲🚙💖 #newcar #TeamMini (at vroom vroom)
Jake surprised me with roses 😍🌹 (at 🌹)

0 notes - 18 August, 2014

yesterday at Morgan’s birthday lunch 🎈 I love all of you so much 💕 #nofilter  (at Ruby Tuesday Restaurant)
homie 🐱